Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Pro

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Pro

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Pro


Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro is an advanced real-time spectrum analyzer offering detailed spectral analysis with automation generation and a 3D viewer, designed for precise frequency and time resolution, enhancing the control and quality in audio mixing or mastering processes.

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Advanced Real-Time Spectrum Analysis and Automation Generation

Sophisticated Spectrum Analysis

Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro utilizes smooth algorithms to provide real-time spectrum analysis with high resolution in both time and frequency domains. Fine-tune the frequency analysis to manage its precision, rate, apply an offset or slope to the measured spectrum. The adjustable attack and release parameters along with two thresholding systems offer controlled time response. Display instant, peak, or average response on the same graph for each channel, enhanced with zooming capabilities and coordinates display for exact spectrum characteristic measurements.

Comparison and Analysis Over Time

Utilize the four memory slots to store and compare curves from different tracks or effects setups easily. A newly added spectrogram view, available in 2D or 3D (3D waterfall mode), allows monitoring the spectrum evolution over time across all channels, providing a comprehensive understanding of the frequency dynamics.

Real-Time Control and Automation Generation

Exploit the unique feature of real-time control over other effects using the output parameters generated from the spectrum analysis. The automation envelopes or MIDI CC messages, including the spectrum’s minimum, maximum frequencies, and energy center, can be utilized to control any effect based on the pitch of the audio signal. Customizing the generation of these parameters is made simple with transformation parameters like offset, amount, and reverse.

Enhanced User Experience

The user interface is designed for customization with features like transparency, zoom, and opacity control. The integrated presets manager, undo/redo functions, and the ability to copy/paste the state of the plug-in between instances contribute to an enhanced user experience. Enjoy noiseless plug-in activation/deactivation with the smooth bypass feature.

Comprehensive Compatibility

Available in most plug-in formats for Mac and Windows, with full MIDI control, automation support, and any sample rate compatibility, this tool integrates seamlessly into your audio processing workflow.

  • Mono, stereo or mid/side real time spectrum analysis
  • Smart interpolation algorithm for extreme display smoothness
  • Spectrum and spectrogram views with animated zoom
  • 3D waterfall view with full 3D control and solid or wireframe 3D surface display
  • Instant, peak, and average curves display for each channel with saveable curves for A/B comparison
  • Custom absolute and relative threshold control
  • Automation and MIDI output for real-time control over other effects

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