Avid Pro Tools Student/Teacher Subscription

Avid Pro Tools 1 Year Subscription

Avid Pro Tools 1 Year Subscription


The industry standard DAW. 

  • 128 Audio Tracks
  • 32 Inputs
  • 60+ Plug ins
  • Subscription License with upgrades included for 1 year, additional plug-ins for 1 year
  • Activation card and iLok
Ships Immediately

Create. Collaborate. Be Heard.

Make your mark with Pro Tools

Power your sound with the tools that power the industry. Create music or sound for film/TV and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world.

Collaborate in the cloud 

Easily share tracks and work on projects with anyone—anywhere. As if you’re all together in the same studio. And now Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools is better than ever, enabling you to work with up to 10 collaborators, including Pro Tools | First users.

Create, connect, and collaborate with talent around the world.

Crank up your creativity and speed 

From powerful new loop-based music creation and trying ideas via Revision History, to timesaving workflows that simplify editing and post production, Pro Tools enables you to create at the speed of your imagination—without limits. That’s why top artists, musicians, producers, mixers, engineers, sound designers, recording studios, and post facilities choose Pro Tools for everything they do. Because when you need to sound your best, nothing delivers like Pro Tools can.

Experience great power 

You've got a ton of ideas. What you need is a workstation that can keep up with your creativity. Now that Pro Tools includes VCA Masters, Disk Cache, extended metering, and other advanced features, you can mix smarter and faster than ever.

Elevate your sound 

How can you make your mixes really stand out? Having professional-quality sound processors at your disposal helps. That’s why Pro Tools comes packed with over 60 amazing virtual instruments, effects, and sound processing plug-ins, so you can sound your best. Plus, get access to 17 additional brand-new bonus plug-ins.

  • Over 60 plug-ins included (audio effects and virtual instruments)
  • 64-bit audio- and video-engine and dynamic host processing
  • Clip Gain (object­based volume control), HD Software: Clip FX
  • VCA Masters
  • Disk Cache
  • Advanced metering and gain-reduction-metering
  • Offline Bounce
  • Low latency input buffer
  • Track Freeze and Track Commit (enhanced track bounce workflows)
  • Up to 128 audio tracks, up to 32Bit/192kHz audio quality, HD Software: up to 768 audio tracks
  • Layered clip editing, Transparent waveforms and batch processing (fades and presets)
  • Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools and cloud services
  • Supports Avid audio interfaces and other audio hardware (ASIO and CoreAudio max. 32 inputs and outputs at the same time)
  • Supports Pro Tools | Control (free iPad app)
  • English, localized into German, French and Spanish language

System requirements: OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 or Windows 7 64 Bit or Windows 8, 16 GB RAM

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