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We believe that Quality, not quantity that makes the difference. Rather than overwhelming people with every option on the market, we have hand picked a range that covers the best in class. 

Our fully treated listening room is the closest thing you’ll find to any working control room anywhere in Central England.  In it, you’ll gain a unique understanding from experiencing what the newest studio monitors are capable of revealing in your music, or testing out what a new piece of outboard hardware will do for your sound. 

Looking for headphones? We carry a range of the best professional headphones that let you hear your performance during recording or give you all the information you need to make the right mixing decisions when you can’t run your monitors how you want to. Set up with your laptop at our headphone bar and grab a coffee whilst you try out them out. 

Our microphone cabinet is always changing. We keep a variety of capsules to suite all situations and characters. We know that the signal chain is important so we offer a try-before-you-buy service on many of these and the other high-end items we recommend- that way, you know you are not losing time or money on the wrong thing.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we take our synth wall very seriously. You’ll find the latest software sounds and DAWs all ready to go and compare to find the right workflow for you. 

We follow some of the more boutique manufacturers that are creating truly unique and creative sounds that you’ll find inspirational. 

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