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Before the internet, people in shops did deals for people. They made sure you had what you needed; cabling, accessories and that you didn't leave without knowing where to start. We're a bit old school like that. We want to bring some of that face to face contact back but in an internet age. We're more than happy to talk deals, pricematch where we can, and answer any questions you may have before you go ahead. We want you to speak to us to see how we can help you. With that, we promise the following:

  • We do not advertise a low price on something we don't have in stock only to try to switch you onto something else when you try to buy one. 
  • We are UK based and charge you in Great British Pounds- there are no hidden exchange rate fees behind the scenes.
  • We do not grey import our stock- it is all sourced through the UK supply chain so you know you have the back up and support not only from ourselves but from UK servicing- if you do have a problem, you are only shipping to the UK- not to an international destination.

If  you've seen something you are after cheaper, in stock, from a reputable UK supplier- not, we'll always work our hardest to be as competitive as we can and give you the best deal. 


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