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  • New Arturia KeyLab Black Edition keyboards now shipping.


    Arturia have just released a special edition version of the 49 and the 61 KeyLab keyboards.

    Now in Black, constructed from aluminium and wood, and with a new software bundle including the Prophet V, Solina V, UVI Grand Piano Model D and Analogue Lab (w/6000+ Sounds), these keyboards are awesome value for money.

    They're available to buy now whilst stocks last!



  • DPA Offers free wireless adaptor with any D:screet or D:fine microphone



    DPA are renown for the quality of their microphones and are found in many broadcast and professional studios the world over.

    Until the 18th of October, anyone picking up one of the DPA D:screet or D:fine microphones can get a wireless adaptor of their choice free of charge- a saving of around £75.




  • RME MADI Experts.



    Giraffe Audio is now an RME certified MADI expert store.

    MADI is an industry-standard protocol for the digital transfer of audio that can transfer high numbers of tracks on a single cable. It's found its way into many applications for Live, Broadcast and Studio work.

    Fully trained up by Synthax and RME on the range of MADI configurations and applications, anyone looking to implement a MADI network can get in touch with either Nick or Matt here at the store.

  • Antelope Satori Monitor Controller

    Antelope Audio are doing some fine pieces of audio hardware right now. We've just had land in a Satori for demonstration. This is their new mastering-grade fully analogue monitor controller.

    With many of today's modern work taking place more and more inside the computer, the Satori brings back many of the useful features that a mixing console would have traditionally handled.

    We've done a short unboxing video with a run down of the hardware for you

    With several other competitors on the market, what have Antelope done to make the Satori attractive? Firstly, the audio quality- firing it up and feeding it signals from our RME FireFace UFX into our PMC Twotwo.6, you're immediately treated to the full sound you'd expect from the combo with the imaging precision and sonic balance that should be there. Then, they've loaded it with all the extra inputs and outputs that you'd ever need on a controller. Added to this, there's both a hardware remote available and a software panel that lets you change settings sat back in your monitors sweet-spot.

    If you're currently using another monitor controller as you need to be able to control your main volume, run several sets of monitors, need talkback and headphone monitoring, but find you've had to compromise your sound quality too much, you will definitely get on well with the Satori.




  • Antelope Isochrone 10M Atomic Clock is on sale!

    Isochrone On Sale


    Antelope's Isochrone 10M is designed to give all your digital gear the tightest reference clock available. Using atomic technology, rather than quartz as found in the majority of other devices, the 10m is marketed as being 100,000 more accurate than traditional clocks.

    This is a box for high-end digital studios who don't want to compromise any part of their production chain and need to remove any doubt that their gear isn't on, 100%.

  • Beatstep Pro

    Arturia's original Beatstep was a great little box. When it was released, it arrived as (yet) a (nother) midi controller with pads and knobs- but it had one really, really cool trick up its sleeve- the built in sequencer. The controls were a bit weird and it didn't really give you much feedback about what notes were going on, but it was great for experimenting and having a different way to get ideas for riffs and hooks very quickly.

    Arturia realised pretty quickly that they were onto something and have listened to peoples feedback on what they wanted on it. Introducing the Beatstep Pro!

    Beatstep Pro Top


    Featuring not one, but three sequencers, there are two for melodic lines and then one dedicated for drums. You can program lines in either in realtime, with the pads that are lit, playing it like a keyboard and step sequencing, using the knobs to dial in the note or use the middle row of buttons to select step, the pads for notes.

    Unlike the original, the screen gives you nice, clear feedback on what the note you're programming or editing is, which is a major help when trying to dial in changes to your sequences.

    You have velocity and gate length control for each of the notes, and the drum sequencer also lets you dial in shift amounts for each note, for a more organic feel to your drums.

    Beatstep Pro Angled


    Outputs are very well specified, with both midi in and out, there's clock sync in and out, and a whole plethora of CV and Gate outputs for your drums and synths. It will also fire sequences over USB to control software synths if you want to run it that way. Beatstep Pro Drum Outputs Beatstep Pro CV/Gate Outputs


    Integrating it into a set up is also easy- as well as running its clock internally, it will sync to USB, Midi or the clock inputs.

    On top of that there are a whole load of extra programming features to help you build up tracks and then perform them live- too much to cover here!

    For anyone using any electronic gear, these things could add another dimension to your music thanks to the different ways you can run it. We recommend them  either for inspiration when you're just jamming or for your live performance.

  • Our new website!

    We're very proud to announce a major update to our site. We've done some major upgrades on our servers which are now running faster than ever and the new design now scales for mobile and tablet browsing. We've made quite a few other changes here and there which should make everything a bit easier to find and we've plenty more planned over the up and coming months.

    We hope you all like the new site as much as we do!

  • RME Babyface Pro

    RME have made their name creating some of the finest audio interfaces on the market. Known for their sound quality and the incredible driver reliability, they're the benchmark standard for audio interfaces.

    The latest addition to their range is the Babyface Pro.

    Babyface Pro

    The new interface replaces the older Babyface and adds a few new features.

    The Babyface Pro features two microphone inputs, two line inputs, headphone outputs on both 1/4" and 1/8" jacks, plus ADAT i/o and MIDI.


    Presented in a hard-shell cary case, these interfaces are aimed at the mobile Audio Professional who doesn't want to compromise sound quality and reliability for their portable set up.


    We've now got ours on demo. Feel free to add any comments or questions!


  • Moog release exciting new firmware update for Sub 37!

    Moog have released a new firmware update for the Sub 37 (firmware 1.1.0), making this frankly amazing synth even better. One of the big features in this update is the step edit mode for the 64 step sequencer. Now you can go in to the sequences you’ve recorded and edit them to your hearts (or ears) content. The sorts of edits you can expect to be able to do are, add and delete notes, tie notes together and change the sequence start and end points. Other excellent new features include swing for the arp, sequencer AND LFO’s (this alone ensures you can get some real funky stuff happening), Quick modulation mapping (no more using the LCD screen if you don’t want to), mappable CV inputs (allowing you to control various parameters from external equipment, making the Sub 37 semi modular) and many more tweaks. We‘ve been having great fun here at Giraffe Audio trying out these new features and if this is what happens when Moog releases an update for the Sub 37 we can’t wait to see what they do next! For more info on the Sub 37 see the following links:

  • Genelec 8351 Studio Monitors

    The new Genelec 8351 was announced at the end of last year and has been making conversation as one of the oddest-looking monitors that we've ever seen. We had a chance to find out a little more about them from Andy Bensley, Genelec's UK product specialist.


    Without giving too much away, these monitors are an active three way that is designed to work in the most demanding of environments thanks to a combination of their physical design and the DSP system, GLM, that Genelec have developed for their monitors.  Andy explains it all in our short video:





    We found them to be suited to a wide variety of material, with razor sharp imaging plus the extra detail and presence that you'd expect from monitors at this price point but normally expect from a much larger speaker.

    You can read up on them here or, If they sound like the monitor that you need for your studio, you can contact us to book an onsite demonstration.


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