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News about upcoming events that are going on
  • Neumann Diamond Day at Giraffe Audio

    Join us at Giraffe Audio for a listening day with Neumann, July 10th, 2019.

    Synonymous with some of the most influential and sought after microphones and monitors in the industry, Neumann will be here with their range of monitors and headphones. They'll also be a chance for someone to win a set of the new NDH-20 headphones.

    The KH range of studio monitors are well established as market leaders with options suitable for a range of studio uses- from small project studios, large control rooms, broadcast and surround and VR applications.

    Their new headphones, the NDH-20, expand this line to give engineers and artists studio grade sound for tracking or mixing on the go.

    Starting at 1pm and running until 7pm, bring in a mix or just have your favourite reference tracks ready and come take a listen.


  • More on the Meris 440...

    You hear all the time people talking about "analogue warmth" and how recordings "back in the day" were better- most of that is due to how analogue electronics deals with signals. The op amps, valves and the transformers that these things are built from all affect the sound, changing it, making it rounder; adding character.

    The preamp is an interesting little box that is often over-looked when it comes to home and project studio set ups. They're built into your audio card and you can plug your guitar or microphone straight in, so why worry about it?  The integrated circuit chips that make up most modern microphone preamps do the job ok- they will amplify the signal to level that the rest of the electronics can deal with- but they don't add soul...  if you've found that your recordings are lacking compared with the classics, it could be part of what you're missing.


    The Meris 440 is based on the API312- this was a classic preamp that was in the consoles of the studios around LA in the 1970s and part of what became known as the "west coast" sound. It's been a favourite of engineers the world over ever since because of its warmth and tone.

    If you can make it to our event, you'll hear first hand the difference a good preamp like this makes to your recordings. We'll be demonstrating how it can be used on both guitars and vocals, and how it will work with your current recording set up, improving your sound whether you're running a professional studio or recording yourself at home.

    You can check out our unboxing video here and book a place at the event to come and see it in action 

  • Meris 440 Demonstration Event

    Here's one for your diaries- On Tuesday 25th November, we've got Sound Network, the UK distributor for Meris, joining us for a demo event of their new Meris 440 preamp.



    We'll be giving you a chance to get hands on with the 440, learn about this 500-series mic pre's unique features and hear how its 100% analogue signal path and Cinemag transformers deliver that classic "West Coast" tone.

    We'll be kicking off at 4:00pm. Book your place here


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