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New Year- New Gear! Warm introduce the Bus Comp - a stereo mix compressor


Warm have just announced news of their new Bus Comp- their version of the classic SSL compressor. One of several different types of compressor, the original was found in SSL's G-Series desks and was one of the elements that gave these desks their original sound that propelled them into the history books.

Loved by engineers the world over, these classic compressors are often found strapped across the mix bus, so the last thing your music goes through. There, they have a tendency to make everything sounds more "together" and "finished".

This new box from Warm features Cinemag transformers,  plus a selectable high-pass filter, which lets you add more compression to the higher frequencies without the bass making the compressor "pump", for a cleaner overall mix.

Due to ship around the middle of January, we're taking pre-orders on them now!

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Got a question?