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New monitors on demo at Giraffe Audio- Hedd Audio

It's a good time for monitors at the moment. The market has come on in leaps and bounds lately, with manufacturers really pushing the technology and creating some amazing speakers at some amazing prices.

We've added a couple of very interesting new things to our demo stock.

HEDD Audio

This is a very interesting company with an amazing heritage and they've come to market with a range of incredible sounding monitors all based around new technology.

Their chief designer is better known as the guy who bought us Adam Audio. Famous for their ribbon tweeter tech seen in classic monitors like the A7. This was a favourite of Drum and Bass producers thanks to it's extended low end and incredible mid and top end clarity.

This new company was started and has introduced several advancements on the old designs, along with solving some of the issues seen in these old Adam models.

New tech

The HEDD Ribbon AMT tweeter is at the heart of the design with the highest resolution and detail found in any ribbon on the market producing a natural and uncoloured sound with a super-high resolution.

They're also designed for the way the modern broadcast audio world is developing, with the addition of the Hedd Bridge- a slot in card system to connect the speakers to the latest in network audio- be that Ravenna, Dante, AES67 or USB. It also leaves room for upgrading to future specifications that might come in the next few years.

With carefully matched woofers and amplifiers, superbly constructed with a rubberised finish, these new monitors are currently available in several versions

Type 05 - A two-way nearfield monitor with a 5" woofer, featuring two 50 watt amplifiers.

Type 07 - A two-way nearfield monitor with a 7" woofer and two 100 watt amplifiers

Type 20 - A three-way near/midfield monitor with a 7" bass cone, 4" midrange with three 300 watt amplifiers

Type 30 - A three-way midfield monitor, with twin 7" bass drivers, 4" midrange and four 300 watt amplifiers

We currently have the Type 05 and the Type 07 on demo at our Jewellery Quarter show room and they are available to listen to in our fully treated listening room.

The new Type 07 is on demo at Giraffe Audio


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