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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Native Instruments releases Komplete Kontrol Update

    Komplete Kontrol has been updated to version 1.5. This update covers quite a few new additions- the key one being third party plugin support. Our resident Native Instruments Ambassador, Matt has been running through some of these features and doing some short videos.

  • Antelope Audio Release Two New Orion Audio Interfaces.

    Antelope Audio's Orion was a revolutionary box when it first landed. Not only offering 32 channels of audio input and output in a single rack space and on USB, but coupled with both top quality conversion and clocking, they've quickly become a favourite of many studios and mastering houses across the world.


    The Orion 32 has now been joined by Orion 32 +. Still housed in a single rack space, the Orion 32+ features the same 32 channels of input and output, 24bit 192KHz conversion and 64 channels of MADI, along with clock output and the ability to clock at 10MHz from Antelope Audios' 10M external clock, the Plus model will features Thunderbolt in addition to USB.


    In addition to this, Antelope have released a multi-purpose Orion Studio. Designed more as a stand-alone studio box, the Studio has 12 built in microphone preamps, 8 analogue inputs and outputs on DSUB, two insert points, a couple of high impedance outputs for reamping signals, ADAT io, SPDIFF, two sets of monitor outputs and twin headphone outputs. Comprehensive to say the least! On top of that, there's a full mixer with 8 dynamics processors and eqs, and a high quality reverb unit, with both Thunderbolt and USB.

    Front panel_Orion Studio_white


    Both units are shipping over the next month or so. We're expecting a high demand for these so it's worth getting in early!

  • Native Instruments announce Komplete Kontrol updates and S88


    News today from Native Instruments- for anyone who'd liked the look of their Komplete Kontrol series but was missing a weighted, full 88 note option- from the 27th October, you'll have just that.

    Fitted with a Fatar Supreme keyboard, along with the features such as the Light Guide, which should make these a players dream keyboard.

    Along with the new hardware, Native Instruments have announced a major update to Komplete Kontrol which will see support extended to third party developers. Early adopters are named as Arturia, Softube and Output Audio, so anyone with any of their instruments or effects will have immediate, full integration within Komplete Kontrol, meaning no more faffing mapping controllers and you'll have the full light guide for visual feedback of where you are in the plugins.

    We're taking pre-orders now on them!

  • Waves Offers now available at Giraffe Audio


    Waves are renown for making some of the finest native plug ins on the market. With some of the biggest names endorsing their effects, their plug ins are highly regarded by professionals all over the world.

    We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be working with Waves and Sonic Distribution to bring some fantastic offers every month. There are current savings of up to 70% on some of the bundles, and the lowest UK pricing on several of their best selling plug ins. Check out the full top 40 list on our site.

    Waves top 40 list

  • Moog Announce Mother 32 Semi-Modular Synth

    Feeling upset that you missed the Voyager? Well, worry not as Moog have just announced a new semi-modular synth- the Mother 32!

    Moog_Mother_32_2TierRack_White Two Moog Mother 32s in the 2-Tier Rack


    From their press release:-

    "Mother-32’s semi-modular design means that no patching is required to create powerful analog sound. This allows musicians of any experience level to quickly begin making music. Synthesists will enjoy exploring the extensive 32-point patchbay, which unlocks truly expressive, unique and complex synthesis capabilities. The patchbay also provides access to a wealth of sounds and functionality including an assignable CV output jack, MIDI to CV conversion, external audio input, a second voltage-controlled mixer, sync, and multiple unit expandability.

    Onboard sound sources include a powerful 10-octave analog oscillator with variable pulse width, and an analog white noise generator. The signals from each sound source are then blended together by a voltage-controlled mixer for dynamic sound creation and manipulation. From the mixer, sound travels through a Moog Ladder Filter with selectable low pass and high pass filter types.

    Musical creation and programming is executed via Mother-32’s comprehensive 32-step, voltage controlled sequencer or external MIDI controller. There are two sequencing styles available, allowing each user to quickly create new musical ideas with ease and familiarity. A total of 64 patterns can be stored and recalled from within Mother-32’s memory bank.

    Mother-32 is an expandable analog ecosystem that allows multiple units to easily be mounted and patched together for extended synthesis capabilities."

    We're taking pre-orders now and hope to have some in on the first run...

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