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Antelope update Zen Studio with AuraVerb reverb.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.44.57

Antelope have released another update for the Zen Studio- this time adding the AuraVerb. Free for all Zen users, we've just installed it on our demo unit- and are very impressed.

Here's what Antelope have to say about it:-

AuraVerb creates various ambient colors or “Auras”, using a unique algorithm to provide color and richness in way that no other reverb quite does without adding additional EQ. Antelope's powerful 64-bit DSP chip, residing on the internal FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), provides the flexible platform to easily manage various parameters. Pre-Delay, Early Reflection and Late Delay create the right ambient space around each sound in a mix. Using AuraVerb producers can easily design thickening effects, washing effects, bright halo type film score effects, darkened mood effects and long, smooth and rich decays. These are just a few of the many dimensions, which AuraVerb is able to add to the mix.

In addition AuraVerb comes with reverb presets, specifically designed by 5-time Grammy Award-winning recording and mixing engineer Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts. Brian shared his know-how, creating multiple presets to fit various situations and genres of music. The presets make using AuraVerb a breeze for both established and relatively inexperienced engineers."

We reckon that you'd easily be paying several hundred pounds for a reverb of this quality to run hardware, so adding it into the already expansive IO and effects on the Zen makes for an even more interesting box of tricks.



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