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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Antelope update Zen Studio with AuraVerb reverb.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.44.57

    Antelope have released another update for the Zen Studio- this time adding the AuraVerb. Free for all Zen users, we've just installed it on our demo unit- and are very impressed.

    Here's what Antelope have to say about it:-

    AuraVerb creates various ambient colors or “Auras”, using a unique algorithm to provide color and richness in way that no other reverb quite does without adding additional EQ. Antelope's powerful 64-bit DSP chip, residing on the internal FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), provides the flexible platform to easily manage various parameters. Pre-Delay, Early Reflection and Late Delay create the right ambient space around each sound in a mix. Using AuraVerb producers can easily design thickening effects, washing effects, bright halo type film score effects, darkened mood effects and long, smooth and rich decays. These are just a few of the many dimensions, which AuraVerb is able to add to the mix.

    In addition AuraVerb comes with reverb presets, specifically designed by 5-time Grammy Award-winning recording and mixing engineer Brian “Dr. Vibb” Vibberts. Brian shared his know-how, creating multiple presets to fit various situations and genres of music. The presets make using AuraVerb a breeze for both established and relatively inexperienced engineers."

    We reckon that you'd easily be paying several hundred pounds for a reverb of this quality to run hardware, so adding it into the already expansive IO and effects on the Zen makes for an even more interesting box of tricks.



  • Audient ID-14 Education Group Buy

    Social Media Image 2

    It's the start of the new term, and Audient have a great deal for students with a group-buy on their ID-14 interface.

    Retailing at £199, these were already great value, featuring two of Audient's preamps, headphone amp, and a rather handy volume control that will double up as a scroll wheel for your sequencer, the group-buy offers up to 25% off the price.

    Full information and registration is on their website link here .

  • Moog Werkstat price drop!


    Moog have dropped the price on the Werkstat. Designed for the 2014 Moogfest as a tool to teach synthesis, these are great little synths in their own right.

  • Universal Audio's new USB3 Apollo Twin

    15-0803_UA_USB_0015_Final2For a while now, Windows users haven't had the same choice of Universal Audio hardware as their Mac-using counterparts. The new Apollo Twin pulls the field a little more level with a USB3 version aimed solely at Windows users.

    The new unit is pretty much identical to the Thunderbolt version; two microphone inputs, monitor and headphone outputs, ADAT input and the same knob for volumes and other parameters. Twin-core and Windows-only, they'll be available from next month.


  • iZotope Release RX5


    iZotope have just announced the latest version of their audio editing and restoration tool, RX5. Featuring several new tools including a new instant process tool, a reverb remover and a de-plosive module, the new version is due to ship October 7th. Between now and then, anyone purchasing RX4 or RX4 Advanced will qualify for a free upgrade when RX5 ships.

    In the meantime, here's a couple of links for the full feature list of both RX5 and RX5 Advanced.

  • Rode Launch New Video Products

    Rode have just announced six new products. These are all aimed at the video and broadcast market.

    • VideoMicro -   an entry level VideoMic, only 80mm in length and very inexpensive, yet features a metal body and includes Rycote Lyre shock mount and a furry windshield. Sounds incredible for the money, doesn’t need a battery, switchless operation etc.videomicro_small
    • VideoMic Me - VideoMic Me is a shotgun mic for smartphones. Plug and play via TRRS it’s compatible with iPhone & iPad and a range of Android and Windows mobile phones. Features a play through headphone jack, and includes furry windshield.microboom_small

    These are all pretty exciting for folks doing any video work and vlogging using their phones- you'll be able to capture much better quality audio whilst still retaining the portable "fit in your pocket" convenience that your phone gives you.

    The, some more stuff that should suit anyone doing any field recording for news etc.

    • RØDELink TX-XLR/Newsshooter Kit –  This is the XLR adaptor for RØDELink wireless system. It will ship by itself (for people that already own the Filmmaker kit) as well as a part of the Newsshooter kit (pairs it with the RX-CAM camera mounted receiver). Runs off of 2 x AA, USB or you can plug in the standard Sony battery (NP series) that everyone uses to power their camera accessories.txlr_small
    • i-XLR – It’s an iOS Lightning to XLR preamp/adapter. 3m lightning cable that terminates in a little XLR box with headphone monitoring and a nice little record button and status LED that will talk to a new RØDE Recording app. No phantom power, but pairs with dynamic microphones (theres a +20dB boost for low output mics) or RØDE’s self-phantom powering NTG2 and NTG4+ perfectly.IXLR - 01 small
    • Micro Boompole Pro - this is a super thin yet strong boom ‘stick’ that connects in three parts to 2.2m long. Only 150gm and super portable – designed for use in confined spacesmicroboom_small
    • Boompole Pro – A new flagship RØDE pro pole at a great price. 100% carbon fibre, up to 3m and only 530gm.


    We should have more news on pricing and shipping dates soon- you can email us to get a jump on that information as soon as we have it.


  • Motu expands AVB line with Stage-B16

    Stage-B16 front


    MOTU have been going all-out with their AVB boxes and have just added a new unit to the line up with the Stage B16. Designed as a cover-all for live sound, the B16 works as either a stage box, a stand-alone digital mixer or an audio interface all in one box.

    In terms of connectivity, the B16 is loaded with 16 microphone inputs, 8 balanced outputs, 4 channels of digital AES and headphone outputs. In addition to this there is the ethernet connection for connecting to an AVB network.

    DSP delivers large console style mixing with 48 channels, 12 stereo busses, and 32-bit floating point effects processing, including modeled analog EQ, vintage compression and classic reverb. There's even an iPad app for wireless control.

  • Universal Audio Ultimate 3 cards 20% off


    Summers over, but Universal Audio have are giving us something to smile about with 20% off both of their UAD2 Octo Ultimate cards.

    Loved by engineers everywhere, the UAD platform is universally regarded as the closest thing you can get to hardware without hardware. The Ultimate cards both feature 8 processing cores on either a PCIe card or external Thunderbolt box. These are bundled with 79 of the UAD plugins- which we can tell you is excellent value without picking up a calculator!

    Offer is on whilst stocks lasts.

  • New Arturia KeyLab Black Edition keyboards now shipping.


    Arturia have just released a special edition version of the 49 and the 61 KeyLab keyboards.

    Now in Black, constructed from aluminium and wood, and with a new software bundle including the Prophet V, Solina V, UVI Grand Piano Model D and Analogue Lab (w/6000+ Sounds), these keyboards are awesome value for money.

    They're available to buy now whilst stocks last!



  • DPA Offers free wireless adaptor with any D:screet or D:fine microphone



    DPA are renown for the quality of their microphones and are found in many broadcast and professional studios the world over.

    Until the 18th of October, anyone picking up one of the DPA D:screet or D:fine microphones can get a wireless adaptor of their choice free of charge- a saving of around £75.




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