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Antelope Satori Monitor Controller

Antelope Audio are doing some fine pieces of audio hardware right now. We've just had land in a Satori for demonstration. This is their new mastering-grade fully analogue monitor controller.

With many of today's modern work taking place more and more inside the computer, the Satori brings back many of the useful features that a mixing console would have traditionally handled.

We've done a short unboxing video with a run down of the hardware for you

With several other competitors on the market, what have Antelope done to make the Satori attractive? Firstly, the audio quality- firing it up and feeding it signals from our RME FireFace UFX into our PMC Twotwo.6, you're immediately treated to the full sound you'd expect from the combo with the imaging precision and sonic balance that should be there. Then, they've loaded it with all the extra inputs and outputs that you'd ever need on a controller. Added to this, there's both a hardware remote available and a software panel that lets you change settings sat back in your monitors sweet-spot.

If you're currently using another monitor controller as you need to be able to control your main volume, run several sets of monitors, need talkback and headphone monitoring, but find you've had to compromise your sound quality too much, you will definitely get on well with the Satori.




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