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Moog release exciting new firmware update for Sub 37!

Moog have released a new firmware update for the Sub 37 (firmware 1.1.0), making this frankly amazing synth even better. One of the big features in this update is the step edit mode for the 64 step sequencer. Now you can go in to the sequences you’ve recorded and edit them to your hearts (or ears) content. The sorts of edits you can expect to be able to do are, add and delete notes, tie notes together and change the sequence start and end points. Other excellent new features include swing for the arp, sequencer AND LFO’s (this alone ensures you can get some real funky stuff happening), Quick modulation mapping (no more using the LCD screen if you don’t want to), mappable CV inputs (allowing you to control various parameters from external equipment, making the Sub 37 semi modular) and many more tweaks. We‘ve been having great fun here at Giraffe Audio trying out these new features and if this is what happens when Moog releases an update for the Sub 37 we can’t wait to see what they do next! For more info on the Sub 37 see the following links:

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