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Genelec 8351 Studio Monitors

The new Genelec 8351 was announced at the end of last year and has been making conversation as one of the oddest-looking monitors that we've ever seen. We had a chance to find out a little more about them from Andy Bensley, Genelec's UK product specialist.


Without giving too much away, these monitors are an active three way that is designed to work in the most demanding of environments thanks to a combination of their physical design and the DSP system, GLM, that Genelec have developed for their monitors.  Andy explains it all in our short video:





We found them to be suited to a wide variety of material, with razor sharp imaging plus the extra detail and presence that you'd expect from monitors at this price point but normally expect from a much larger speaker.

You can read up on them here or, If they sound like the monitor that you need for your studio, you can contact us to book an onsite demonstration.


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