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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • Resident Audio T2 Audio Interface

    One of the latest products to land in here is the new Resident Audio T2 audio interface.

    Resident Audio T2 Top Angle

    It's a pretty crowded market, so what is it about this new one that you should be bothering with?  This new interface offers two line/instrument/microphone inputs with phantom power, a headphone output and monitor outputs and midi in and out all in a compact package- all pretty standard features for an interface of this size.

    Resident Audio T2 Front Resident Audio T2 Rear Panel

    What makes it unique is the thunderbolt powering. With the Thunderbolt port on modern Macs and some PCs offering higher bandwidth, faster connections and more power than either USB or Firewire, if you're lucky enough to have these ports available on your laptop, you can have a truly portable solution for recording and producing on the move.

    Resident Audio T2 Front Angle

    You can check it out on our site here for the full information and call us if you're interested in hearing one.

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