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Focal Alpha Studio Monitors. First impressions.

One of the things we spend a lot of time doing up here at Giraffe Audio, is listening to monitors. They're one of the most crucial parts of the studio and arguably the one piece of equipment that can make the most difference to how you work.

This week, we've been taking a listen to the new Focal Alpha range. Focal are a French speaker company that have been producing products for both the consumer and the professional market since 1979. They've been making big strides into the studios of many artists and production houses over the last few years since the launch of their CMS and SM ranges. Anyone who knows us, knows that we're big fans of Focal range of monitors.


The Alpha series are Focal's entry into what is a very crowded entry level market. Rather than join the race to the bottom, Focal have priced their new monitors a little above the competition putting them in the upper region of entry level; £396 for the Alpha 50s, £476 for the Alpha 65s and £556 for the larger Alpha 80s.

Technically, they boast some impressive specifications; For their sizes in their class, each speaker goes very low- 45Hz for the Alpha 50, 40Hz on the Alpha 65 and an room-shaking 35Hz for the Alpha 80. Bi-amped, each monitors amplifiers are similarly powerful for their sizes, with the Alpha 50 20W for the tops and 35 for the bass, 35W for the tops and 70W for the lows on the Alpha 65s, and a big 40W for the tops and 100W for the bass on the Alpha 80s. They share the polyglass constructed woofer and inverted aluminium tweeter. The rear panels contain the inputs for power, balanced XLR or unbalanced phono, along with some adjustments for the low and high frequencies.


How does all of this hold together when you plug them in?  I'll not sit here and spurt superlatives, but rather say, come and take a listen (or get to your local stocking dealer if you're not based around the Midlands). There's a lot of competition at this end of the market and these Focal not only hold their own against the competition, but put pose a significant challenge to the current market favourites.

Focal Alpa 50 side


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