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Ultrasone Edition 5

We had a bit of a treat today- its not often you get to audition £3000 headphones... Welcome to the Ultrasone Edition 5!


Limited to 500 sets world wide (only 20 of which are in the UK), these are probably the most expensive headphones that we've ever had the opportunity to audition. And we were impressed!

Everything about the Edition 5 oozes quality- right from the first unboxing, Ultrasone have really gone to town with these. They're presented in a beautiful leather-bound case with a micro fibre cleaning cloth, two cables (a short one and a long one) and jack adaptors and a headphone stand.



Picking these up and putting them on, we were immediately impressed with the feel of them. The different materials they've used really give the headphone a tactile quality and what usually feels like an afterthought, the included cables are both of a very high construction quality.

Listening to them is incredible. They're musical and revealing, able to kick out some serious sound but never with any signs of stress or fatigue. We auditioned a range of material and found them to be very balanced across everything we put on, with an extraordinary sense of space- a real surprise for a closed-back headphone.

Whilst we know that £3000 isn't going to make getting a pair of these everyones top priority, if you are one of the 20 people in the UK lucky enough to be able to own a pair of these, you won't be disappointed.

If you are seriously interested in being one of these 20, we are more than happy to arrange a demonstration for you. Call or email us for information.

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