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Now that the website is launched, we're all up and running fully! Here's a big thanks to everyone for all the support we've seen so far getting our new shop opened.

We've a lot of products that we are selling up on the site, but there's still a lot to do... A short list of the other brands we've got but haven't listed yet; Brauner, Retro Instruments, Antelope Audio, BAE, Burl, Dangerous Music, Ear Trumpet Labs, Elysia, Great River, Cartec Audio, Chandler, Empirical Labs, Telefunken, Sound Toys, Earthworks, Little Labs, Kush, Pearl Microphones, Pelonis, Cloud, ADL, Crane Song, Dave Hill Designs, FMR, Helios, Neve, Peluso, Sherman Filters, Wes Audio... We'll be working over the next few weeks to get these all live and active. We're hoping to get some key bits and pieces up here that we'll be having a play around with too.

As is always the case, you can call or email us to arrange a demonstration or purchase or just to give us some feedback on what we're doing and other events that you'd like to see organised.

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