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  • Warm Audio End of Year Sale!

    Until the end of 2019, Warm Audio are running this fantastic offer where anyone spending over £1100 (inc. VAT), will receive a free WA-87 Black Edition.

    You can check out their full range of projects here.

    And here for more information on the free microphone.

  • New offers from Eventide!


    For this week, Eventide have got big savings on some of their amazing plug ins- you can save big on Black Hole, Mangledverb and Ultratap- each is only £25 from the 1st July until the 7th.


  • Neumann Diamond Day at Giraffe Audio

    Join us at Giraffe Audio for a listening day with Neumann, July 10th, 2019.

    Synonymous with some of the most influential and sought after microphones and monitors in the industry, Neumann will be here with their range of monitors and headphones. They'll also be a chance for someone to win a set of the new NDH-20 headphones.

    The KH range of studio monitors are well established as market leaders with options suitable for a range of studio uses- from small project studios, large control rooms, broadcast and surround and VR applications.

    Their new headphones, the NDH-20, expand this line to give engineers and artists studio grade sound for tracking or mixing on the go.

    Starting at 1pm and running until 7pm, bring in a mix or just have your favourite reference tracks ready and come take a listen.


  • Focal Trio 11s now on demo

    Focal's new flagship studio monitor, the Trio 11, is now part of our permanent demonstration stock.

    These new monitors are suitable for larger studios and are aimed at mix engineers and mastering engineers. Featuring a three-way design that can be set up in both a horizontal and vertical orientation, these tri-amped monitors have an astonishingly high SPL but are even and balanced even at low levels thanks to the innovative design features.

    If you're interested to hear these, drop us a line to arrange a demo either in store in in your studio.

  • Antelope Christmas savings!

    In celebration of their 15 Year Anniversary, we are closing the loop with one-off holiday offers. Between December 14 and January 07, we are putting our uncompromising audio interfaces, vast collection of FPGA FX, and cutting-edge mic modeling within everyone's reach.

    It's a complete studio setup at an outstanding price. Choose your studio and get in!

    Edge Solo modeling microphone (-30% off)

    The Edge Solo is the smallest, most portable modeling mic there is. Sounding big and pristine on its own, Edge Solo is also capable of emulating a variety of vintage cardioid-pattern condenser microphones directly in your DAW.

    Discrete 4 Basic audio interface + Verge modeling microphone (-25% off)

    A perfect choice for small to mid-sized productions, Discrete 4 forms a strong pair with the Verge modeling microphone. Verge accurately emulates a variety of classic mics, both condenser and dynamic, adding unbeatable value to an already packed audio interface.

    Discrete 8 Basic audio interface + Edge Solo modeling microphone (-40% off)

    Discrete 8 + Edge Solo is a complete, yet accessible solution for audio professionals. The Discrete 4's bigger brother has twice the preamps and brings out the best our Edge Solo mic has to offer - a mic locker stocked to the brim with go-to vintage classics.

    Orion Studio rev. 2017 audio interface + Edge Duo modeling microphone (-40% off)

    The Orion Studio rev. 2017 is one of the most accomplished Antelope Audio products, while the Edge Duo's dual-membrane architecture ensures vintage microphones are replicated in captivating detail. Use low-latency effects and mic emulations liberally, enjoying trademark Antelope Audio sonic quality and a large gamut of microphone models.

    Goliath HD audio interface + Edge Quadro modeling microphone (-30% off)

    When your ambitions exceed the capacity of your room or studio space, you have to spar with the big boys. With the Goliath HD's whopping 64 audio channels and the Edge Quadro's dual-capsule, dual membrane rotatable design, recording an entire orchestra in full 360-degree stereo, at a stunning 192kHz - with mic emulations on top - is no longer a dream.

    These offers are only on for a short time so treat yourself whilst you can!

  • 15% off Warm Audio until the end of the year!

    Warm Audio have a very nice offer on from now until the end of the year with a whopping 15% off their hardware. Only on whilst stocks last so if you're thinking of getting something, you'd better dive on it fast!


  • Free Sony MDR7506 Headphones with the C-100 until the end of 2018

    Between now and December 31st, Sound Network are offering a free pair of Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones if we’re contacted before close of play on January 31st.

    All you need to do is email with their name, address, proof of purchase and serial number of the microphone and they will send out the headphones!

  • HEDD Type 30 studio monitors.

    A little while back we had in the new HEDD Audio Type 05s and Type 07 studio monitors. We were very impressed with what these were capable of.

    Since then, we've had the flagship of the Type Series in to our demo stock. These are a three way, loaded with two 7" drivers handling the bass, a 4" mid range and the HEDD Air Motion Transformer, Klaus Heinz's latest take on the ribbon design. All the drive units are custom designs from HEDD. There are very few companies that actually make their own drivers. This puts HEDD at a bit of an advantage to most of the speaker manufacturers out there. They join a very select group of designers who are able to design the drivers around the performance of the whole monitor, rather than trying to adjust their amplifier, cabinet and cross over design to compensate for the performance of generic, off-the-shelf drive units. The cabinets are front-ported with a slot- design.

    Designed as mid fields for decent sized rooms, they pack the kind of power you'd expect to see at this size with no less than four 300W ICEpower® amplifiers. This gives these monitors some serious welly.

    On the back, there are balanced XLR inputs along with unbalanced RCA and the space for the HEDD Bridge cards- a series of digital expansion options that HEDD have developed, adding a very easy way to get their monitors working with digital gear or added to a Dante network. Along with that there are a couple of tuning trim controls for high and low shelf to adjust for any room discrepancies or personal taste.

    In terms of performance, they're exactly what we'd expect for the money and fit exactly the aim that HEDD have set out for. Running some test tones through monitors can often reveal some of the characteristics of a monitor. Sweeping a sine wave across the cross over points shows a very balanced transition with no frequencies jumping out or ducking particularly. Similarly, getting down low, the design of the ports, HEDD seem to have fixed the port chuffing that some designs suffer from.

    For mixing work, they produce a very well defined sound stage with instruments and vocal sounding very natural. Lows are very well represented and don't cloud mixes. The mids are clear and vocals project well but without the forced-feeling that some three way boxes give.  Tops are detailed and smooth with transients sounding very musical.

    Overall, HEDD have created a very capable monitor. We'll be keeping these on demo for a while. If you're interested in hearing them, you can book a demo with us now.


  • 10% DPA Slimline Microphones in August


    This August get 10% off all DPA Microphones Slim mics – both d:screet™ 4060 and 4061 Slim Lavalier mics and d:fine Slim omnidirectional and directional Headset mics of all colours and variations.

    10% off Which DPA Slim Mics?



    • d:screet™ 4060 Slim lavaliers (details)
    • d:screet™ 4061 Slim lavaliers (details)


    • d:fine™ Slim Omni headsets (details)
    • d:fine™ Slim Directional headsets (details)

    To take advantage of this offer, call us on 0121 270 5652 or email . We'll take you through the options and get the right microphone for you.

  • Focal Elear Reference Headphones


    Over the years, there are many products from the consumer audio world that have found their way into the studio and stuck there- the ubiquitous Yamaha NS10s are a great example. Even though Yamaha stopped making them over ten years ago, they still occupy space atop many mixers in studios throughout the world. Focal, who already make a very nice studio headphone in the form of the Spirit Pro may well have just created another.

    Being well known in the world of high-end hifi, Focal released three new headphones last year for the consumer market - Listen, Elear and Utopia. whilst the Listen were very much audio on the move, both the Elear and Utopia are aimed far more at the discerning music lover. Utopia are a no-expense-spared affair using a combination of Focal's unique knowledge and production capability featuring beryllium drivers, carbon fibre trim, they also carry an eye-watering price at £3499, reflecting the R&D that have gone into them.

    The Elear, however, feature many of the technical advancements seen in the Utopia but with slightly less exotic materials which give them a slightly more palatable price tag at £899.

    For the money, you get a fantastic performing headphone. From a mixing point of view, they support the full frequency range with an impressively neutral tonal balance. No frequencies ever feel enhanced or hyped but rather that they're what was originally put into the recording. That feeling is also apparent in their reproduction of dynamics- if you're mixing and adjusting compression levels, the Elear are able to reveal and show what even subtle changes are doing to your mix and will let you know when you've gone too far. Similarly, instrument placement and panning is made very easy thanks to their incredibly spacious representation of the sound field. It's very easy to focus on what you need to in a mix and draw out what you need to.

    If you have to mix on headphones and can't compromise on the sound, you would do well to take a test drive of the Elear. Similarly, if you've never mixed on headphones, you might find that there is finally a set that perform how you need them to for your work.

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