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The goal: The perfect transmission of sound signals. 

Developed and engineered in Switzerland, the highly specialized cables represent the most innovative audio design found today. Using only the purest raw materials, VOVOX® sound conductors ensure a flawless flow of sound information - from the musician's instrument in the studio or on stage to the loudspeaker at home.

 Product range

  • Sound Conductors for Instruments - guitar, bass, keyboards will sound like you never heard them before
  • Sound Conductors for Studios - microphones and outboard equipment will perform more realistically

VOVOX sound conductors are available in three categories of quality starting from “WOW!” through “OMG!” to “Holly Molly!” called – linksonorus and sonorus XL. Each category is comprised of a range of sound conductors for various applications:

  • direct S – Balanced Cables, Non-Shielded
    Balanced cable for everyday use in the recording studio. The construction without shielding allows even further reduced boundary effects and as a con- sequence even better sound quality. Optimal for all balanced interconnections in a studio, no matter if on line- or microphone level. 
  • protect A – Shielded Musical Instrument and Interconnect Cables
    Whether live on stage or in the recording studio, protect A are the perfect choice for all electrically amplified musical instruments such as electrical guitar, bass, E-piano or keyboards. But also acoustic instruments with pickup systems benefit to a great extent from the VOVOX technology, while the interconnects range with robust Neutrik RCA plugs is the optimal choice for line signal in all cases in which both perfect sound quality and ease of handling are important.
  • protect S – Balanced Cables, Shielded
    Due to its balanced and shielded construction, VOVOX® protect S offers best protection from noise. It guarantees optimal sound quality for situations in which absolutely no risk of interference can be taken such as live concerts or live recordings. 
  • patch – Shielded
    The VOVOX® sonorus patch cable is the perfect connection for pedals or complete pedal boards.
  • drive – Speaker Cable
    Optimized to connect guitar or bass amplifier heads with speaker cabinets. Thanks to the special cable design and the wide conductor spacing it transmits amplified signals with a maximum of punch and definition.
  • sonorus muco – Multipair Cable
    Combines eight balanced, non-shielded channels to a multipair cable in the most uncompromising way. For perfect sound quality in recording and mastering studios. This is our reference multipair cable - the ultimate.
  • mucolink direct SD – Multipair Cable
    A very versatile cable, offering excellent results in case of both analogue and digital audio signals. It transmits either 8 balanced analogue channels or, depending on the transfer rate, 8 – 16 digital channels according to AES/EBU. Optionally available as shielded version.
  • protect AD - Unbalanced, Shielded Digital Cable 
    With an impedance of 75 Ohm, depending on the choice of connectors, it can be used for different data formats such as S/P-DIF, MADI or Wordclock
  • direct SD - Balanced, Unshielded 110 Ohm Digital Cable
    The optimal choice for AES/EBU interconnections.

Microphone Tube Cable – sonorus tube

A fantastic recent addition to the VOVOX catalogue has been the Microphone Tube Cable. Originally only available with Brauner tube microphones, the new sonorus tube cable brings the incredible quality of the sonorus sound conductor to one of the most crucial parts of the signal chain. 

Classic microphones get serviced all the time but they are often kept with the same old degrading 50-year-old cable. This is an opportunity to not only bring the sound of these microphone back to life but also give them the larger than life sound they could never have before. The transformation is quite dramatic. 

All sonorus tube assemblies are made to order because most microphones have different connectors and pin outs, and clients require different lengths. For microphones with rare or discontinued connectors, clients can send their existing cable in for the connectors to be transferred to the sonorus tube cable at the VOVOX factory. 

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