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Tube Tech

  1. Tube Tech CL1B


    All tube opto compressor Learn More
  2. Tube Tech CL2A


  3. Tube Tech HLT2A


    Hi and Lo shelving EQ with T-Filter Learn More
  4. Tube Tech LCA2B


    Compressor and limiter Learn More
  5. Tube Tech ME1B


    Midrange EQ Learn More
  6. Tube Tech MEC1A


    Recording channel Learn More
  7. Tube Tech MMC1A


    Mic preamp, DI and multiband compressor Learn More
  8. Tube Tech MP2A


    Two channel microphone preamp Learn More
  9. Tube Tech PE1C


    Passive program Pultec- style EQ Learn More
  10. Tube Tech SMC2B


  11. Tube Tech SMC2BM


    Mastering multiband compressor Learn More
  12. Tube Tech SSA2B


    Stereo summing amplifier Learn More

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