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TK Audio

TK Audio started as a mission to make creative audio solutions.

Quite simply quality products that helps you create the best sounding music whether it´s in a professional studio, a home studio or at a live venue.

Their products are exclusively made in Sweden. At their workshop in Halmstad they design the circuit boards, panels and chassis, handle the final assembling and soldering*, as well as make the final production tests and packing.

TK Audio believe in the quality of knowledge, handcrafting and keeping the production environmental friendly.

*Most of the pcb’s are assembled at a factory in Alingsås, Sweden.

Thomas “TK” Kristiansson started TK Audio in 2008 as an additional brand to Vintagedesign, (now called Vintagedesign by TK Audio) as Thomas been running since 2001.

TK Audio has a wide range of products both in the 19” format and 500-modules. This gives you possibility to choose TK Audio for many of the different stages of your music production.

Thomas, the founder of the brand and the mastermind behind the products, has been working with electronics, cords and music in varied ways all his life. He has a true passion for his work and together with Annica Andersson, his fiancé and co-worker, he always strive to develop new unique products.

  1. TK Audio BC1-THD Bus Compressor


  2. TK Audio BC501 500 series bus compressor


  3. TK Audio MB-1 500 Parallel processing tool


    • Parallel processor for stereo units.

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  4. TK Audio S-Blender


    Out of stock

    • A universal parallel/serial processor
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  5. TK Audio T-Komp 500 Compressor


    Out of stock

    • 500-series mono compressor
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  6. TK Audio T-Komp Compressor


    Out of stock

    • Dual mono compressor
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  7. TK Audio TK-lizer 2 Mastering Equalizer


    Out of stock

    • Mastering EQ with M/S function
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  8. TK Audio TK-lizer 500 Equalizer


    Out of stock

    • 500 series dual mono EQ
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  9. TK Audio Transceiver


    Out of stock

    • Insert your unbalanced gear such as guitar pedals and old echo fx into your DAW or console.
    • Active DI-box with up to +20dB of gain. Plug your favorite instrument into your collection of vintage gear via the Transceiver.
    • A re-amping tool.
    • A Swiss Army Knife on stage. Connect balanced gear on stage between your instrument and amp.
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