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  1. Lightpad Block


      • Integrates with popular DAWs and plug-ins including Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, and Omnisphere via the included BLOCKS Dashboard. 
      • Bundled with over 200 preset sounds, and options to download more sound through in-app purchases of NOISE Soundpacks including ones from acclaimed musicians like Steve Aoki and RZA. 
      • Powered by the free iOS app NOISE 
      • Play wirelessly wherever you are using Bluetooth, Lightpad Block and an iPhone or iPad
      • NOISE app lets you choose sounds, add effects, record loops, and launch loops to make a track
      • Intuitive controls for changing scales, playing chords and arpeggios, setting tempo, quantizing, and recording and undoing. 
      • In Learn Mode, follow Lightpad Block’s unique Light Trails to learn musical gestures for shaping sounds on the new interface
      • Convenient handheld design with a 9.5-centimetre square surface fits neatly in a pocket
      • DNA connectors allow magnetic connection between Lightpad Block and other Blocks in the ROLI BLOCKS system
      • Charges through cable to USB-C port and through connection to other Blocks
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