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Quested Monitoring Systems

Roger Quested started out as an assistant engineer at Olympic Studios in the 1960’s. After years recording with seminal artists like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, John Denver and The Kinks, to name but a few, Quested decided to build true reference monitors for the studio he was working in at the time.

Quested Studio Monitors was hence founded in 1985. With more than 30 years of manufacturing under his belt, Quested maintains the same ethos to building monitoring systems to this day: clear, natural sounding reference monitors of simple design, using sound volumetric and stereo-imaging principles and only top quality components. The idea being to reproduce such a natural soundstage as to allow the monitors to ‘disappear’.

Stalwart users of Quested monitors include Hans Zimmer, who formed a relationship with Roger in 1986 during the building of his Lillie Yard studio. Studios like Sarm (Trevor Horn) and Abbey Road Studios have also had a long association with Quested monitors, being continually praised by many top engineers as their “go to” monitors for mixing. Thanks to their continued high standard of build quality, natural frequency response and a tendency to outperform even larger monitors in their clarity and wide dynamic range.

With an impressive range of monitor speakers boasting Nearfield, Midfield and Large Format monitors, Quested Studio Monitors are well set up to provide for all your studio monitoring needs. For more information and to book a demo please get in touch with us.

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