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Benchmark Media are the makers of precision audio electronics including digital/analogue audio converters, microphone preamps and power amplifiers.

Benchmark products are the number one choice for studios, news and broadcast corporations worldwide. Designed and manufactured in the USA; their expertise in digital and analogue audio conversion spans more than 10 years, creating award-winning products such as the DAC1 stereo d-a converter and headphone amplifier.

Benchmark’s state-of-the-art converters are world-renowned and their jitter-mmune 'UltraLock' clock system will consistently and faithfully deliver truthful audio without jitter-induced artefacts, no matter what variables are present. Superior performance and sonic purity is what Benchmark Media strive to offer.

  1. Benchmark DAC3L Converter (no remote)


  2. Benchmark DAC3HGC Converter (no remote)


  3. Benchmark DAC3B Converter (no remote)


    • Studio version of the highly acclaimed DAC3 HGC 
    • Reference quality conversion for critical listening applications
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  4. Benchmark ADC16 Analogue to Digital Converter


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