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Synths and Midi

Here at Giraffe was have a passion for synthesizers. It's one of our favourite things about music production. With possibly the biggest collection of synthesizers on demo in Birmingham available for you to try out. From small analogue synthesisers all the way up to large modular systems and the latest digital synthesizers. We also have on demo an extensive collection of some of the best software synthesizers on the market.

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  1. Analogue Solutions Fusebox


    Fusebox is a 3 VCO true analogue monosynth with the legendary Analogue Solutions vintage synth sound Learn More
  2. Analogue Solutions N Telemark-K


  3. Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12


  4. Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12 - Ex Demo

    Regular Price: £718.80

    Special Price £669.00

  5. Analogue Solutions Nyborg 24


  6. Analogue Solutions Vostok Deluxe


  7. Arturia Beatstep Pro


    Hardware midi sequencer and controller. Learn More
  8. Arturia DrumBrute


    • 17 pure analog drum sounds
    • 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
    • Separate accent per drum
    • Song mode for chaining patterns
    • Pattern effects
    • Steiner Parker output filter with bypass
    • Multiple sync options
    • USB MIDI interface
    • Individual audio outputs
    • Headphone output with both 3.5mm and 1/4” jacks
    Learn More
  9. Arturia MatrixBrute


    Analogue synthesiser Learn More
  10. Arturia Microbrute Analogue Synthesiser


  11. Arturia MiniBrute 2


      • Semi-modular analog monosynth with attitude
    Learn More
  12. Arturia MiniBrute 2S


      • Analogue sequencer-synth with comprehensive modular patchbay
    Learn More
  13. Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth


  14. Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth - Ex Demo

    Regular Price: £369.00

    Special Price £309.00

  15. Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT-303 MK2


    One of the best classic Roland TB-303 Clones on the market just got better! 

    Learn More
  16. Cyclone Analogic Drum Drone TT-606

    Regular Price: £389.00

    Special Price £300.00

    TT-606 Drum Drone™ analog drum machines with timeless electronic sounds and modern professional features.

    Learn More
  17. Dreadbox Nyx


    Twin Oscillator Analogue Paraphonic Synthesizer Learn More
  18. Dreadbox White Lines 168hp Case


    • Monophonic Midi to CV converter
    • 4 to 1 Mixer with Gain control
    • 3x 3 to 1 Mixer
    • 4x Attenuator (can also be used as multiples)
    • 4wave LFO
    • 168 HP
    • comes with a Midi cable (stereo 3.5mm jack to DIN5 convertor)
    Learn More
  19. Dreadbox White Lines Divider


    Eurorack Modular Frequency Divider

    Learn More
  20. Dreadbox White Lines Drive


    Eurorack Modular Drive Unit

    Learn More
  21. Dreadbox White Lines Dual VCA


    Eurorack Modular Dual VCA Module

    Learn More
  22. Dreadbox White Lines Echo


    Eurorack Modular Echo Unit

    Learn More
  23. Dreadbox White Lines Envelope


    Eurorack Modular Envelope Module

    Learn More
  24. Dreadbox White Lines Filter


    Eurorack Modular Filter Module

    Learn More
  25. Dreadbox White Lines LFO


    Eurorack Modular LFO Module

    Learn More
  26. Dreadbox White Lines Mixer


    Eurorack Modular Mixer Module

    Learn More
  27. Dreadbox White Lines Oscillator


    Eurorack Modular Oscillator Module

    Learn More
  28. Dreadbox White Lines Passive Attenuator


    Eurorack Modular Attenuator Module

    Learn More
  29. Dreadbox White Lines Phaser


    Eurorack Modular Phaser Module

    Learn More
  30. Dreadbox White Lines Random


    Eurorack Modular Random Module

    Learn More

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