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  1. Ableton Push 2


    • Hardware instrument for hands-on playability with Ableton Live 9.5
    • Play or step sequence beats, notes, chords and automation
    • New sampling workflows: slice, play and manipulate samples from Push
    • Large multicolour display adapts to show what you need
    • 64 sensitive and playable backlit pads 
    • 8 touch-sensitive encoders for controlling mixer, devices and instruments, and Live browser navigation
    • Clip launch mode for live performance and arrangement recording
    • Scales mode offers unique approach to playing notes and chords
    • Includes Live Intro for new users
    Learn More
  2. ADK Frankfurt-49 T


  3. ADK TC-251


    The TC-251 is an awesome - yet affordable - Custom Class A Cardiod Tube Mic with Capsule, Cable and Tube Upgrades, has ELam-251* Tonality. This mic has all the rich tone of a vintage mic without the high self-noise.

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  4. ADK TC-49


    ADK TC Tube Microphone (Custom Shop) Features

      • Class A Valve Microphone
      • Hand-Assembled in USA
      • 12AX7 Euro Valve QC Tested in USA
      • 2 Oxygen Free XLR Cables both 3 and 7 pin
    Learn More
  5. ADK TC-67


    ADK TC Tube Microphone (Custom Shop) Features

      • Class A Valve Microphone
      • Hand-Assembled in USA
      • 12AX7 Euro Valve QC Tested in USA
      • 2 Oxygen Free XLR Cables both 3 and 7 pin
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  6. Analogue Solutions N Telemark-K


  7. Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12


  8. Analogue Solutions Nyborg 12 - Ex Demo

    Regular Price: £718.80

    Special Price £669.00

  9. Apogee A2X6 Symphony I/O MKII Card


    2×6 Analog I/O + 8×8 Optical + AES I/O Module for Apogee Symphony MKII

    Learn More
  10. Apogee Groove DAC and Headphone Amplifier


    Portable USB DAC and headphone amp for Mac and PC

    • USB 2.0 connection to Mac and PC
    • Up to 24 bit / 192kHz audio via ESS Sabre DAC
    • Enhances your iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal or other music listening experience
    • Constant Current Drive™ provides smooth frequency response with any headphones
    • Quad Sum DAC™, 4 DACs per channel for highest dynamic range and lowest distortion
    • Multicolour LEDs for status and level indication
    • Powered by USB
    • Top panel buttons for adjusting volume level
    • Built in the USA
    Learn More
  11. Arturia Beatstep Pro


    Hardware midi sequencer and controller. Learn More
  12. Arturia DrumBrute


    • 17 pure analog drum sounds
    • 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
    • Separate accent per drum
    • Song mode for chaining patterns
    • Pattern effects
    • Steiner Parker output filter with bypass
    • Multiple sync options
    • USB MIDI interface
    • Individual audio outputs
    • Headphone output with both 3.5mm and 1/4” jacks
    Learn More
  13. Arturia Keystep


    KeyStep is a new breed of portable musical tool combining the functionalities of a keyboard controller with a polyphonic step sequencer to control both analog and digital devices.

    Learn More
  14. Arturia Microbrute Analogue Synthesiser


  15. Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth


  16. Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth - Ex Demo

    Regular Price: £369.00

    Special Price £309.00

  17. Aston Microphones Halo


  18. Aston Microphones Origin


    Cardioid Condenser Microphone Learn More
  19. Aston Microphones Spirit


    Multi-pattern condenser microphone Learn More
  20. Aston Microphones Starlight


  21. Audient ID14


    iD14 delivers the audio performance of a large format console in a compact and elegant desktop package. iD14 provides a pair of world-class Audient console mic pres, class-leading Burr Brown converter technology, console style monitor control, JFET D.I and the revolutionary ScrollControl. With its versatile feature set and intuitive layout, iD14 will become the hub of your studio in no time.

    Learn More
  22. Audient ID4


  23. Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube


    The Classic Passive Reference Monitor

    • Built in the USA
    • Painstakingly recrafted to reproduce the sound of the original Sound Cube

    Learn More
  24. Avantone MP-1 Mixphone Studio Headphones


  25. Beyer Dynamic DT100


    • Closed headphone
    • Legendary, classic design
    • Excellent ambient noise attenuation
    • Capable of handling very high SPL
    • Rugged, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable
    • Single-sided, detachable cable
    • Circumaural ear pads
    • Excellent comfort for long-term wearing
    Learn More
  26. Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro


    • Closed, diffuse-field studio headphone
    • "Bass reflex" technology for improved bass response
    • Comfortable fit due to rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband construction
    • Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable
    • Single-sided cable
    • Velour, circumaural ear pad
    Learn More
  27. Beyer Dynamic DT880 Pro Studio Headphones 250 Ω


  28. Chandler Limited Abbey Road Series - TG2-500 Mono Microphone Pre Amp - 500 series Format


  29. Cyclone Analogic Drum Drone TT-606

    Regular Price: £389.00

    Special Price £300.00

    TT-606 Drum Drone™ analog drum machines with timeless electronic sounds and modern professional features.

    Learn More
  30. Drawmer 1973 Multiband FET Compressor


    Three band stereo FET based compressor

    Learn More

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