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  1. Focal Sub 6 BE Active Subwoofer


    Subwoofer for Focal BE series monitors

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  2. Genelec 7050B Active Subwoofer


    Genelec 7050B Active Subwoofer. 8 driver, 25-85 Hz, 70W, 100dB SPL. Learn More
  3. PSI Audio A125M Sub Woofer


    • Built in anti-resonance system in a double box cabinet.
    • Class G low temperature amplifier stage.
    • Amplifier unit acoustically uncoupled from speaker cabinet.
    • Real balanced input with outputs for satellite systems.
    • Protection circuits with overload indicator.
    • Designed for stereo and multichannel monitoring.
    • Phase and amplitude response compatible with all PSI Audio monitors.
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