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  1. Aston Shield GN


      • Ultimate pop reduction
      • Solid stainless steel pop shield with ‘Hextech’ filter holes
      • Ultra-fast mounting system
      • Mounts to any stand
      • Deluxe gooseneck
      • Hygienic washable filter
      • Large surface area 
    Learn More
  2. Rode Blimp


    Windshield and Shock Mount System Learn More
  3. Rode Blimp Extension


  4. Rode Dead Wombat Windshield Artificial Fur Windshield for The Blimp


  5. Rode WS7


    Windshield for NTG-3 Learn More
  6. Rode WS8 Windshield


    Rode windshield for NT5, NT55 and NT6 Learn More