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  1. Aston Microphones Starlight


  2. Warm Audio WA-14


    Condenser Microphone Learn More
  3. Focal Elear Headphones


    • Headphones Made in France
    • Open back circum-aural headphones dedicated to low noise environments
    • High-fidelity pair of headphones featuring full range loudspeakers made of Aluminum-Magnesium "M" shape dome (patent pending)
    • Mechanical design offering a full compatibility to any morphology
    • Balanced cable with channels separation for fast and easy custom-made solutions (bi-amp) 

    Learn More
  4. Meris Mercury 7 Pedal


    Creative Reverb Effect Pedal

    • Stereo input and output
    • Analog Mix & Dry Signal Path
    • Intra-Tank Pitch Regeneration
    • High & Low Frequency Damping
    • Extensive Modulation Capability
    • Auto Swell Envelope (variable and foot-switchable)
    • Expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously
    Learn More
  5. SSL Nucleus 2


    • Ethernet connected DAW Controller for professional project studios
    • Compatible with ProTools, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo and all major DAW applications
    • Switch between 3 connected DAW's with a single button press
    • Two banks of 8 channel controls plus centre section controls
    • Touch sensitive 100mm motorised faders
    • Digital Scribble Strips with assignable V-Pots and soft keys
    • Completely user customisable DAW & Key Command mapping
    Learn More
  6. Teenage Engineering PO-32


    The new gold standard drum machine.

    Never before has a drum machine that sounds this good with literally endless sound capabilities been set at a price this low. Meet PO-32 tonic, the new gold standard drum machine.

    And yes, it comes in a gold plated cardboard box.

    Learn More
  7. Roli Seaboard 25


    The Seaboard RISE is a new MIDI controller that has redefined the keyboard and opened up new ways to express yourself musically.

    Learn More
  8. Genelec "The Ones" 8331


    • Full-Size Waveguide: Integrated waveguide without discontinuities for excellent directivity and imaging.
    • Point Source - Separate midrange and tweeter drivers in the centre of a diffraction-free aluminium enclosure. Concealed dual woofers complete a unique coaxial design.
    • Horizontal or Vertical - Free orientation. No sonic compromise in either direction. Isopods for flexible tilt (included).
    • Compact Three-Way - The most compact three-way monitors with spectacular industrial design by Harri Koskinen. Woofers behind the waveguide extend directivity to low frequencies.
    • Setup & Calibrate - Network connectors for system building and GLM auto-calibration. Analog and digital inputs, universal power supply. Standard fixing points for flexible mounting.
    • Sustainable Production: Made in Finland using renewable energy and recycled aluminium. Intelligent signal sensing ensures lower power consumption and a longer life.
    Learn More

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