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  1. Focal Listen Pro


    Closed back monitoring headphones.

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  2. Arturia 3 Filters

    Regular Price: £175.00

    Special Price £89.00

    • Three iconic filters recreated with advanced TAE physical and circuits modeling: 


    • Mini-Filter: A plugin recreation of Dr Moog’s famous 24dB per octave low-pass ladder filter, updated with exciting new features for the modern music maker
    • SEM-Filter: Tom Oberheim’s pioneering design, among the first ever self-contained analog synthesizers, was home to one of the best-loved filters of all time. Now you can use it as cutting edge creative plugin for your DAW
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  3. Arturia 3 Preamps

    Regular Price: £265.00

    Special Price £175.00

    • Three iconic preamps recreated with advanced TAE physical and circuits modeling: 
    • 1973-Pre
    • TridA-Pre
    • V76-Pre
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  4. Focal Clear Pro Open Back Headphones


    • Professional open-back headphones
    • Remarkable tonal balance over the entire spectrum
    • Bass articulation, down to the very lowest frequencies
    • Great detail in the high frequencies
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  5. Warm Audio WA73


    • Single Channel, Class A, '73-style British Microphone Preamp
    • UK made Carnhill Transformers
    • Hand wired, hand assembled

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  6. Nugen Audio ISL True Peak Limiter


    • Loudness compatible limiting
    • Protect against distortion introduced by lossy codecs
    • Don't guess, set TP limit directly from the specification to ensure compliance
    • Mix with your ears, ISL takes care of the rest
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  7. Lauten Audio LA-220


    • Professional level vocal and instrument condenser microphone
    • Ideal for creating vibrant modern vocals
    • High-cut filter tames bright sources
    • Low-cut filter removes room rumble and muddiness
    • Ultra-low-noise USA JFET amplifier for superior solid-state sound
    • Vintage inspired transformer balanced output
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  8. Lauten Audio LA-320


    • Lauten Audio LA-320 At A Glance
    • Intelligent features get you great recordings with ease
    • High-cut filter tames bright rooms and sources
    • Low-cut filter takes away room rumble and muddiness
    • Dual-triode vacuum tube and 1" capsule reminiscent of classic German mics
    • Vintage inspired transformer balanced output
    • Lauten Audio LA-320 Wins Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award 2017
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