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  1. Waldorf 2-Pole Filter Module


  2. Waldorf 2-Pole Filter Module - Ex Demo


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  3. Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard- White


  4. Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard- White- Ex Demo


  5. Waldorf Blofeld Module- Black


  6. Waldorf CMP1 Eurorack Module


    Analogue Compressor module for Eurorack Synths

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  7. Waldorf DVCA1 Eurorack Module


    Dual VCA Module for Eurorack synths

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  8. Waldorf KB37 Keyboard for Eurorack Modules


    Controller keyboard for Eurorack Modules

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  9. Waldorf MOD1 Eurorack Module


    Three highly flexible modulation sources in one module. All based on innovative analogue circuits for snappy attacks and super smooth curves.

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  10. Waldorf NW1 Eurorack Module


    21st century advanced wavetable engine for Eurorack Synths

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  11. Waldorf Pulse 2


  12. Waldorf Rocket

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  13. Waldorf Streichfett String Machine

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  14. Waldorf Streichfett String Machine -Ex Demo

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