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  1. SSL Alpha Channel


    SSL analogue channel processing for your audio workstation Learn More
  2. SSL Alpha VHD-Pre


    The Four-Channel Mic Pre/Processor with attitude. Learn More
  3. SSL E-Series Dynamics


    Dynamics Module for API 500 format racks Learn More
  4. SSL E-Series EQ


    EQ Module for API 500 format racks Learn More
  5. SSL G Series Master Bus Compressor


  6. SSL LMC+


    Compressor module for 500 series racks

    Learn More
  7. SSL Matrix 2


    • 40 input SuperAnalogue™ summing console
    • 16 analogue line channels with two inputs per channel
    • 32 x 16 x 16 'Insert Router' for up to 16 external hardware processing devices
    • Hardware processors can be inserted via console controls or cross platform drag and drop software browser
    • Hardware processors can be inserted individually or as 'chains'
    • Stereo Aux Send and 4 x Mono Sends per channel
    • 4 Stereo Returns with full stereo mix bus routing
    • Dual Stereo Mix Busses with summing Inserts and reassign
    • Artist Monitor output with independent EQ and monitor source selection
    • 'In Line' DAW monitoring with 'SuperCue' headphone mode
    Learn More
  8. SSL Nucleus 2


    • Ethernet connected DAW Controller for professional project studios
    • Compatible with ProTools, Logic, Cubase/Nuendo and all major DAW applications
    • Switch between 3 connected DAW's with a single button press
    • Two banks of 8 channel controls plus centre section controls
    • Touch sensitive 100mm motorised faders
    • Digital Scribble Strips with assignable V-Pots and soft keys
    • Completely user customisable DAW & Key Command mapping
    Learn More
  9. SSL Sigma


    Remote Controlled Analogue Summing Learn More
  10. SSL Stereo Bus Compressor


    Stereo Bus Compressor module for 500 format racks Learn More
  11. SSL VHD Pre


    Microphone Preamp module for 500 format racks Learn More
  12. SSL XL Desk - unloaded