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  1. Anthology XI


      • Anthology XI is comprised of twenty three plug-ins based on over 45 years of Eventide studio mainstays, as well as current and future classics.
    Learn More
  2. Eventide 2016 Stereo Room


  3. Eventide BD600


    80 sec Profanity Delay with 'Dump & Catch-Up' or 'MicroPrecision mode'. Learn More
  4. Eventide BD600E


    Version of BD600 with Extended Remote capability. Learn More
  5. Eventide BD960


    Broadcast Obscenity Delay with 8 sec of stereo delay. Learn More
  6. Eventide Blackhole


    Native Reverb Plugin derived from DSP4000 & H8000 models. Learn More
  7. Eventide DDL500


    500 Series Pristine Digital Delay module Learn More
  8. Eventide DSP4000B+


    Multi-Effects processor for Broadcast applications. Learn More
  9. Eventide Eclipse 4.0


    Dual Engine Multi-Effects Processor/Harmonizer with 90 algorithms. Learn More
  10. Eventide EVE/NET


    Remote controller for Orville and DSP7000 models. Learn More
  11. Eventide H3000 Factory


    Classic Ultra-Harmonizer plug-in. Learn More
  12. Eventide H7600 Stereo Ultra Harmonizer


  13. Eventide H8000FW Multi-Channel Processor


  14. Eventide H8000FW Multi-Channel Processor - Used


  15. Eventide H9


    Multi FX stompbox loaded with popular algorithms from the entite stompbox range. Learn More
  16. Eventide H9


    Iconic Eventide effects in a compact pedal Learn More
  17. Eventide Modfactor


    Eventide Modfactor Modulation Effects Stompbox with 10 stereo or mono modulation effects Learn More
  18. Eventide Omnipressor


    Native Software Compressor Plugin Learn More
  19. Eventide Pitchfactor


    Harmonizer Stompbox with 10 stereo or mono harmonizer effects Learn More
  20. Eventide Powerfactor


  21. Eventide Reverb 2016


    Recreation of the legendary SP2016 Digital Reverb with dedicated parameter controls. Learn More
  22. Eventide Reverb 2016 Bundle


    Reverb 2016 Bundle. Total of 3 Plug-ins: Stereo Room, Room Reverb, and High Density Plate from the much sought after SP2010 hardware processor. Learn More
  23. Eventide Space


    Eventide Space. Reverb Effects Stompbox with 12 classic reverb effects Learn More
  24. Eventide Space Station SST-282


    Plug-in of the legendary Ursa Major Space Station multi-tap delays with high and low pass filters and feedback. Learn More
  25. Eventide Timefactor


    Twin Delay Stompbox with two independent 3 second delays. 10 stereo or dual mono delay effects. Learn More
  26. MangledVerb


      • MangledVerb™ is a unique effect combining reverb and distortion.
    Learn More