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Wynton R. Morro founded Avalon with the desire to bring the art of music recording closer to the essence of the original performance. Avalon's pure Class A recording systems provide the world's leading engineers, producers and musicians with state-of-the-art electronics designed especially for high-fidelity music and sound recording, These carefully engineered systems enhance the creative senses and become one with the music itself.

  1. Avalon AD2022


    Twin mono microphone preamp Learn More
  2. Avalon AD2044


    Dual MONO opto-compressor. Learn More
  3. Avalon AD2055


    Dual MONO parametric music EQ. Learn More
  4. Avalon AD2077


    Dual MONO mastering EQ. Learn More
  5. Avalon M5


    Microphone Preamp Learn More
  6. Avalon U5


    Direct Injection Box Learn More
  7. Avalon V5


    Microphone Preamp, DI and Reamper Learn More
  8. Avalon VT-737SP


    Vacuum Tube Channel Strip Learn More