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Founded in Grenoble (France) in 1999, ARTURIA specializes in the development of music software and hardware for both the professional and amateur musician. Focusing on innovation, the company strives to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into their products. This involves working closely with partner research institutions, such as IRCAM France, in the development of leading edge musical instruments and software, the results of which have gone on to been used in the making of numerous hit records and Hollywood sound tracks.

One of ARTURIA's core technologies is TAE® (True Analog Emulation), a novel technique which allows for the accurate modelling of the behavior of analog circuits on a personal computer. This technology, developed in house by ARTURIA's Signal Processing team, has been employed to successfully recreate the sounds produced by many legendary analog synthesizers. This innovative technology has advanced ARTURIA's position in the computer musical instrument market place to one of global leader.

ARTURIA's primary strategy and competitive advantage lie mainly in their keen ability towards innovation. Due to its developments, ARTURIA has been the recipient of several prestigious awards in this domain.
Operating in 25 countries, the company gains more than 90% of its business revenue through exportation, essentially to the US, Japan and Northern Europe.

  1. Arturia Beatstep Mini controller with built in sequencer


  2. Arturia Beatstep Pro


    Hardware midi sequencer and controller. Learn More
  3. Arturia DrumBrute


    • 17 pure analog drum sounds
    • 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
    • Separate accent per drum
    • Song mode for chaining patterns
    • Pattern effects
    • Steiner Parker output filter with bypass
    • Multiple sync options
    • USB MIDI interface
    • Individual audio outputs
    • Headphone output with both 3.5mm and 1/4” jacks
    Learn More
  4. Arturia Keylab 25 Keyboard Controller with Analog Lab software


  5. Arturia Keylab Essential 49


  6. Arturia Keylab Essential 61


  7. Arturia Keystep


    KeyStep is a new breed of portable musical tool combining the functionalities of a keyboard controller with a polyphonic step sequencer to control both analog and digital devices.

    Learn More
  8. Arturia MatrixBrute


    Analogue synthesiser Learn More
  9. Arturia Microbrute Analogue Synthesiser


  10. Arturia MiniBrute 2


      • Semi-modular analog monosynth with attitude
    Learn More
  11. Arturia MiniBrute 2S


      • Analogue sequencer-synth with comprehensive modular patchbay
    Learn More
  12. Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth


  13. Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth - Ex Demo

    Regular Price: £369.00

    Special Price £309.00

  14. Arturia Minibrute SE Analog Synth


    Out of stock

  15. Arturia Minilab MKII Midi Controller Keyboard


    The ultimate small-format 25-key MIDI controller

    Learn More
  16. Arturia Oberheim SEM V


    Virtual Oberheim SEM Learn More
  17. Arturia Spark LE


  18. Arturia V Collection 5


  19. RackBrute 3U


      • Portable, Link-enabled Eurorack modular case
    Learn More
  20. RackBrute 6U


      • Portable, Link-enabled Eurorack modular case
    Learn More